Extra Long Fringe Belt On Alpaca Orange


Women just want to have fun, and all Imperial Princesses deserve serious beauty and impeccable craftsmanship with their fun. These are extremely long, hand cut fringe in insanely delicious and supple Argentine leather and they can be worn as a belt, or looped around the neck twice and worn as a scarf, or even better, as a necklace. Talk about global chic… Our friends Perez Sanz are the uber immaculate craftsmen in Argentina, known as sculptors and architects, and yes, for their incredible hand crafted leather goods and jewelry. These are a combination of both thanks to yours truly - I fell in love with this as a belt and then started wearing it as a necklace and ladies almost strangled me trying to get it off my neck. The ring is hand crafted in Alpaca, known as German Silver, and finished with a brass piece. Each piece is numbered, as with true art. Perfect for a resort outfit, either at a beach or in the mountains. The fringe is extremely long and will fit most sizes, but can be custom ordered in any length or color. These are approximately 56" long plus the ring is almost 4"

Item Dimensions

Length: 56.0 in. 

Product care

dry cloth or leather cleaner

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