IMPERIO jp - Luxury Goods From Exotic Places - is a lifestyle, not a brand.

In 1998 former investment banker, Jessica Packer, traveled to Asia on an extended trip to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up. She returned to New York in December with some shawls she had made in Vietnam as Christmas presents for friends and family, and some ladies tried to buy them in a restaurant. And some ladies tried to buy them at Barneys. And some ladies tried to buy them at Bergdorf Goodman. And a new career emerged. IMPERIO jp works with artisans in formerly colonized countries  to create our collections,  and bring their traditions and talents to the highest level of luxury retail - and in that process to help them create sustainable businesses. "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life." Attributed to Lao Tsu. 

Imperio means "empire" in Spanish, and we created the company to showcase the exquisite workmanship and talents available in the far flung corners of the earth, but rarely exported. We seek the treasures available off the beaten path, made in limited editions or hand crafted (by nature hand made items are one of a kind). We work with artisans to bring the finest in handcrafted, hand-tailored, hand-loomed, and hand-tooled Global Treasures to your door. If you loved Takashimaya, we are your Heaven and Nirvana. What is so special about IMPERIO jp? YOU ARE!! An Imperial client is a special woman who has access to all, but seeks the unique. It's not about a trend, it's about timeless style. It's not about the price, it's about the energy embodied in our special collections. The one thing that unites the world in every single corner is wanting to leave a better place for our children - and help others along the way. Every single piece we make or carry has a family or a studio or a charity or a school that has benefitted and grown from our work, and that energy is felt in our collections, and radiates on our special clients who wear our pieces. We are small, but our collections are an enormous treasure trove of wonders. Our Ikat Textiles are hand painted as they are woven in the finest tradition of Southeast Asia, but done with a modern twist to the design, and using the Japanese dye system - guaranteeing unique blends to the colors, and never to be made again or copied. They are indeed textile art. You can wear them or use them as throws, or hang them on your walls. Our bags are designed for a woman who does not need logos to show her style or status. Our signature Santro Collection with interchangeable handles has a serious cult following/obsession - but our favorite call is from a woman whose daughter has "borrowed" her bag and won't give it back!  We make them in Argentina using the finest leathers you have never seen, and yes, we know our grammar. Argentina has incredible leather and craftsmanship, but no one was developing luxury items there to compete in the global market. HELLOOOOO!!!! 

Since 1999 we have sold at beautiful stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, bestsellers for 10 years straight at Takashimaya (sniff - sadness), Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford, Saks Jandel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Joan Shepp, Stanley Korshak, Elements, Linda Dresner, Churchill, Marissa Collections, Browns in London, and Daslu in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  We work with amazing interior designers such as Celerie Kemble/Kemble Interiors, Harry Heissmann, In Plus Interior Design, Deborah Wecselman Design, and many others . Since 2010, we have had a shop on, showcasing our own collections plus some of the pieces from our insanely talented friends and other designers. But everything we carry meets the strict criteria of being a "Luxury Good From an Exotic Place" - and rarely available elsewhere.  As of November 2014, we have opened our first Shop in Miami, Florida - at an eclectic design enclave called Ironside - 5 minutes North of the Design District and 2 blocks West of Biscayne Boulevard. Handbags, shawls, jewelry, fine apparel and resort wear, textiles, pillows, plus an impeccable selection of table top are available online and in our retail store, as well as art, vintage and antique furniture, and a few other surprises.  

 It's a big world full of beautiful people and places, and yes, things. We hope to share the beauty with you. Please come by if you are in Miami or nearby in Florida, Or by all means let us know if we can come to you and do a Trunk Show or Pop Up Shop!! We work with numerous charitable organizations, but welcome the opportunity to work with yours as well. 
Peace and Love and Karma… IMPERIO jp