Chopsticks Sterling Silver And Ebony 10 Cm

$128.00 $160.00

We know, you have it all, and can get what's missing whenever you so desire...But let's face it, luxury chopsticks? We bet you never had them before, so we're introducing them as sets. A pair of chopsticks will come with it's matching rest, unless otherwise specified.

These are our MOST luxurious, sleek in Black Ebony wood at base, and the tips are 10cm of Sterling Silver. The rest is ebony wood with a sterling silver disc. Get 2 sets for your favorite sushi date, or get six sets as an amazing and original (and reasonable!!) wedding present, or get one set and keep it in your lap top case and in the rare event you get a meal on a plane, you will have your own chic utensils, NO DISHWASHING, please remember to hand wash and towel dry to maintain the integrity of the wood and silver, silver polish with soft cloth if (when!!) they tarnish. Also sold as set of six pairs with no rest

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