Silk Caftan Almost Famous Collection - Ali McGraw


ali mcgraw

Because you're worth it. This collection is made from a collection of silk textiles we have accumulated on our travels, and for some reason were waiting for inspiration on what they could be used for. They kind of spoke up to me a few months ago and said: "We want to be CAFTANS!!" And they refuse to be quiet. They talk to me until they are made. Each piece is One of a Kind, and can never be replicated. For the most part, they are one size fits all, but we can custom make them for you if you have particular requirements. They will be named after books, films, and celebrities that inspire us. A lovely Italian buddy has offered to model all of them for us, but wants to keep them all for himself... This piece is approximately 34" long on the purple side, 37" long on the blue,  and 35" wide.

Item Materials
Silk: 100%
Product care
dry clean or hand wash in gentle soap

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