Silk Ikat Shawl Or Throw Teal Amethyst

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When you are a textile lover, you begin to understand our obsession with Ikat. Not just any Ikat, but only the finest available and impossible to reproduce will do. We use this collection of fabrics for our pillows and other shawls, but some pieces are just too striking to cut, so we've made them into a large shawl that can be worn many ways, or used as a wall hanging if you appreciate textile works of art, and absolutely draped over a sofa if you promise that kitties won't enjoy nesting on them. We love love love love love them, and hope that divine Imperial customers will enjoy them also. Each piece is hand woven and painted both on the warp and on the weft as it is woven, and hand rolled side hem and hand fringed ends. Please look at closeup images to view details. Wear it, hang it on a wall - it's art! And definitely drape it over a sofa...

100" long x 40" wide, approximate

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Sold Out