White Onyx Cheeseboards Two Shapes


triangle cheese wedge

Oh, how thoughtful! Wow, how fun! Ooh, how delicious... Yes, all three in one. The perfect hostess gift is also the perfect gift for yourself, or anyone you love with divine taste in food and decor. Do you have someone impossible to please that has everything? Not a problem. Mission accomplished. The triangle "cheese" wedge is flat, measures 9.5" at the sides, 10.5" long, and 3/4" tall. The square "cheese" chunk is 10.5" square, and 3/4" tall one one side, and sloped to a depth of 1" on the other side - see images. Onyx is a semiprecious stone that resembles marble in the white variety, but is slightly translucent.

Product care

hand wash gentle

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